New Order

Enter new Fulfillment type Orders.

  1. From the Main Menu, select Orders -> Fulfillment Orders -> New Order.
  2. Your screen should look similar to this:
  3. Just enter the customer name or ID. Your screen will change to look like the following:
  4. Enter Data in the following categories:
    1. Location: Select ship FROM default location from the pull-down list. You can over-ride this for specific items on an order. NOTE: if you only have ONE location, this selection will not appear.
    2. Enter Customer Name in the first box (or any portion of the name) to bring up a drop-down of possible matches. Or, you can enter the customer number directly into the box on the right. Or, if you want to search by phone, zip code, etc., use the Lookup button for detailed searches.
    3. NOTE: To Add a New Customer, Click on the Add Button next to the customer number entry. For help about adding customers, see that section, or click on the link at the bottom of this help page.

      NOTE: When entering a customer, when you tab out of the entry box, or click into another box, the computer will look up information about that customer and display their info and status, allow you to EDIT the customer information, or look more closely at their current status. This brings up a changed display (part just below customer number on display appears only AFTER the customer is entered. If a RED section appears, it means that the customer is over their credit limit or past due.)

    4. Price Level: Select from the pull-down list which price level to use for the order being entered. The customer default price level will be pre-selected, but can be changed.
    5. Sales Category: Select the category (used on various sales reports. If you need to add more, look under Billing-> Setup-Receivables -> Sales Categories).
    6. Purchase Order: Enter any customer supplied PO.
    7. Due Date: You can either enter the date manually or click the Calendar button to bring up a calendar.
    8. Notes: Enter any comments about this order.
    9. Payment Method: Select from the pull-down list. Examples: Credit Card, Open Account, Check, etc.
    10. IF YOU SELECT A CREDIT CARD TYPE, the credit card processing information will be requested when the Order is finalized. Be sure to click on Process Credit Card on the confirmation screen to process the payment. Until the credit card is processed, the Order's Payment Method will remain as an Open Account.

    11. OSCom Order ID: This is a sample of a custom field which can be defined if you have the Custom Fields add-on.
    12. Notes to Print on pages following Main Invoice: If you have entered standardized notes, you can select any or all of those notes to appear on the Invoice. After you have selected one of these notes, you will be able to click on an EDIT button to change any of the text for just THIS transaction. The standard text will remain the same. The ORDER AFTER Invoice is to indicate which text appears first, which next, etc.

  5. Click the Next button to proceed with order entry. Your screen should look similar to this:

    1. Ship-To: Select the address it will be shipped to from the pull-down list, or click on the ADD button to create a brand-new ship-to address for this customer.
    2. Sales Person: Select the salesperson responsible for the order from the drop-down list.

  6. Click the Next button to select your Shipping Method and continue to Item Entry for this order. Your screen should look similar to this:
  7. Shipping Method: Select the shipping method for this order from the drop down list at the top of the screen. For information on Shipping Methods, click on the Shipping/Carrier Methods link in the Related Topics section at the bottom of this Help screen.

  8. Enter your Items for this order in the section below the Shipping Method. For instructions on entering Line Items, see the Adding Line Items(Parts) to an Order topic in the Related Topics section at the bottom of this Help screen.
  9. To get a shipping quote, click on the Get Shipping Quote button. This calls the shipper web interface to find current shipping data, or you can simply enter your own shipping figures.
    1. Quote $: If you want to enter your own shipping costs, simply enter in this box, then click on the Send Back button.
    2. From and To Zip Codes: These should already be filled in with your company zip code as the "From" and the ship-to location of the customer as the "To" zip code. You can change these if you want.
    3. Number of Boxes: Enter the number of IDENTICAL weight boxes here.
    4. Split: By using the SPLIT button and/or the ADD BOXES button, you can create multiple boxes to be shipped and can indicate different weights per box and different ship-to and from zip codes for each box.
    5. Ship Method: Pick the method of shipment for this group of boxes.
    6. Get Quote: When all data about the boxes is entered, click on the Get Quote button. This will query the shipper web-site and return the cost of the shipping.
    7. When you have the shipping costs you want, click on the Send Back Shipping Quote button at the top to pass these shipping costs back to the order.
  10. Click on the Add More Lines button to increase the number of line items on the order.
  11. If this is a QUOTE rather than an actual order, click on the Save as Quote button.
  12. To Finalize the ORDER, click on the Save button. If this is NOT a Credit Card Transaction, the final screen for order entry will be displayed.

  13. If this is a Credit Card Transaction, you will see the following screen:

    • Enter the information in the following categories:
      1. Credit Card Processor: Select from drop-down box.
      2. Credit Card Number: Do NOT enter the dashes or spaces!
      3. Card Code: Enter the security code from the back of the card (if required by your Credit Card Processor).
      4. Card expiration: Select the Credit Card Expiration Month/Year from the pull-down list.
      5. Credit Card First Name: First Name of credit card holder.
      6. Credit Card Last Name: Last Name of credit card holder.
      7. Authorization Code: Enter an Authorization Code, if required. Voice Authorization Codes are codes obtained from the Credit Card Processor when the transaction amount exceeds a dollar limit imposed by the Credit Card Processor.
    • To process the transaction, click on the Next button.


  14. Click on the Back button to enter another new order.
  15. Click on the Edit button to edit the order.
  16. Click on the Pick List button to view/print an order pick list. Click on link below to see a sample.
  17. Click on the Confirmation button to print an order Confirmation. Click on link below to see a sample.
  18. Click on the Email Confirmation button to email a copy of the order Confirmation. When emailing, the customer email addresses will be shown to allow you to select which ones should receive this confirmation. OR, you can enter addresses of your own to send this to. Click on link below to see a sample.
  19. Click on the Create PO button to create a purchase for items on this order. You can create more than one PO if you need to order from more than one vendor. Also, if you are drop-shipping the items, the PO will contain the ship-to address of your customer for delivery.
  20. Click on the Ship Now button to save the new order and go directly to the Enter New Shipment screen where you can ship the order.
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