Setting Up the Business to Business Site

B2B stands for Business-to-Business. It is similar to a shopping cart except that it is designed around business to business transactions rather than business to end-user transactions. However, it could be used for either type of business.

From the B2B site, users can see the status of orders, make payments, check on payment history for their company, place new orders, etc. What individuals have access to on the B2B site is controlled by their access rights.

You can decide also if you want to allow users to create their own accounts from this site, or whether you want to assign supervisor accounts yourself, which would limit access considerably. Supervisors for a company can assign other users WITHIN THEIR OWN COMPANY.

    Before trying to use the B2B System, you need to use the NolaPro normal login to set up some information about the B2B site.

  1. Set the B2B site login graphic. When a user goes to the B2B site, the top of the screen can contain a graphic of your choice. This is loaded from Admin -> Admin Setup -> B2B Site Graphics.

  2. Set the B2B site page header graphic. At the top of every screen in B2B, it shows your company name and a logo of your choice. That logo is uploaded using Admin -> Admin Setup -> Company New/Edit. At the bottom of the page for the company in question, is a graphic upload called B2B Company Header Graphic.

  3. Decide which types of things a user should be allowed to do within the B2B site. To do that, go to Admin -> Setup Receivables -> Company Options. In the area called Business-to-Business Site you can specify which to allow by checking the boxes next to those things you want them to be able to do, and un-checking any others. One of the checkboxes indicates if you do or do not want customers to be able to sign up themselves on the B2B login page. Your answer to this will probably be no, but it is your choice. Here you can also set the reply-to email address to be used when emails are sent directly from the B2B site.

  4. Assign Customer User accounts. From Contacts -> Customers -> B2B Users you will select a customer, then add users at that company. Generally you will want to assign a "supervisor" access person at the customer's company who can then decide themselves if they want others in their company to also have access to the data.

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