Using NolaPro > Reports > Orders
Fulfillment Quotes

This report shows all pending quotes currently in-house. You can also edit the quote or turn it into an order from this list.
  1. From the Main Menu, select Reports -> Orders -> Fulfillment Quotes.
  2. Your screen should look similar to this:
  3. To edit the Quote, or convert it into an Order, click on the Edit button. This will open the Fulfillment Order Add/Update screen. For further information, see Update Fulfillment Order in the Related Topics section at the bottom of this Help screen.
  4. To print the Quote, click on the Order Number.
  5. To sort the report by Order#, Order By, PO# or Quote Date, click on the appropriate column header.
  6. To create a report for a specific Location (it comes up initially for ALL locations), select a Location from the pull-down box at the top of the report.
  7. To export the report in Microsoft Excel® format, click Export in the Quick Links section of the footer at the bottom of the page.
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