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This is the section where you determine HOW the time is calculated, or what the materials calculations should be. You will undoubtedly need a number of these to cover all possibilities. It is recommended that you enter a family, a machine, then start on the Family Calculations. As you create these, you will see what formulas are required. You can then bounce over to formulas (or keep two windows open, one for Family Calculations and one for Formulas) to create needed new calculations, then apply them in the Family Calculations section.

From the Main Menu select Printing then Print Shop Setup then Formulas. Your screen will look similar to this:

To select an existing formula, click on the formula name. To create a new formula, click on the Add button.

Whether adding or editing, your next screen should look like this:

Description: Name of the formula - be sure to make the name specific enough that you won't wonder later when picking the formula just what it means!

Formula: In the colored box shown below the save, back and delete buttons, is a list of values you can use in your calculations. You can also use actual numbers. The asterisk (*) is used to indicate multiplication, the plus sign (+) means add, and the minus sign(-) means subtract. The forward slash (/) means divide. You can use parentheses to group same as with any math formula.

What you are trying to calculate depends on the calculation type selected.

  • If the calculation type is RUN TIME, then you are wanting to end up with a quantity of pieces to be processed, as this number will be divided by the IPH entered under Machine Family.
  • If the calculation is OTHER TIME, then the result of your calculation should be hours.
  • If the calculation is MATERIALS, then the result of the calculation should be quantity of materials.

    Click on the Save button to save your formula.

    Click on the Back button to return to the first screen without saving your changes.

    Click on the Delete button to delete this formula.

    You can test this formula for accuracy by clicking on the "test this" link. The test screen will look similar to this:

    Now you can enter actual quantities in each of the needed fields, then click the "Test Compute" button to see what answer you will get.

    When you are done with the test, click on the "Save this calculation" button.

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