Using NolaPro > Reports > Inventory
12 Month History of Customer Sales or Units Sold

View a 12 month report of customer sales or units sold.
  1. From the Main Menu, select Reports -> Inventory -> 12 Month Sales.
  2. Your screen should look similar to this:
    1. Report Type: Choose either Customer Report of Sales Totals or Item Report of Units Sold from the drop-down menu.
    2. Location: This field will only appear if you have multiple locations set up. If so, you can choose a specific location or all locations.
    3. End Period: This field will default to the current date but you can choose a different end to the 12 month period by clicking the calendar button.

  3. Click Next to view the report. Your screen should similar to this if choosing the Customer Report of Sales Totals report type:
  4. Your screen will look similar to the following if you chose the Item Report of Units Sold report type:
  5. Click Back to return to the main report screen.