Using NolaPro > Reports > Inventory
Incomplete Items

Use this report to see lists of items that either have no costs associated, or have no vendor associated.
  1. From the Main Menu, select Reports -> Inventory -> Incomplete Items.
  2. Your screen should look similar to this:
  3. Enter the following information to narrow your report:
    1. Location: Select the Location from the pull-down list. Select ALL in the list for all locations.
    2. Sort By: Select how you would like the report sorted from the choices shown in the pull-down list.
    3. Category: Select ALL to include all Item Categories or select a Category from the pull-down list.
    4. Include Which Items: Select whether the report should show Items With No Cost or Items With No Vendor.
    5. Page Size: Enter the number of records you want to see on one page.

  4. To view your report, click on the Next button. Your screen should similar to one of the below (depending on choices made):
  5. Note: The number of items and the current page number are displayed at the top of the report. A "Back" button is provided at the top as well to make navigation of a lengthy report easier.

    Items With No Cost

    Items With No Vendor

  6. To see the Inventory Record of an item on the report, click on the Item Code of that Item on the report.
  7. To return to the previous screen, click on the Back button.
  8. To export the report into a file in Microsoft Excel® format, click on the Export button in the Quick Links section of the footer at the bottom of the page.