Using NolaPro > Orders
Logging In To B2B Site

Sign on to the Business-to-Business site.

  1. Your login screen should look similar to this:
    1. Login Name: Enter your Login Name.

    2. Password: Enter your Password.

    3. Click on the Log In button to enter the site.

  2. If you clicked on the Create an Account link (only shows if you have set up your company to allow this), your screen should look similar to this:
  3. Note: If NolaPro is set up for multiple companies there will be a drop-down box to select which company the account will be created in.

    1. Group: You may not see this option, but if you do, select your preferred group from the drop-down list. Customer groups can be set up by going to Admin -> Setup Receivables -> Customer Groups.

    2. User Information: Enter the requested information, paying special attention about filling in the fields with stars next to them -- they are required.

    Note: Your email will be your login name for future site access!

  4. Click on the Next button to create your account.