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Print Order Processing - Orders to Invoices Play Movie

The Orders to Invoices process lets you create invoices from completed orders.
  1. From the Main Menu select Printing then Processing then Orders->Invoices. Your screen should look similar to this:

  2. Check which Orders to create Invoices from.
  3. When you have marked which orders to invoice now, click on the Next button. Your screen will now show one of the below screens for each job checkmarked:

  4. Qty to Bill: This will default to the job quantity, but can be changed at this step.
  5. Print charge Total: The per M based on the numbers you have entered will be displayed but you are entering the JOB TOTAL here.
  6. Freight: The amount of freight charges.
  7. Tracking Numbers: If you want these tracking numbers to display on the invoice, you can enter that info here.
  8. Additional Charges: There are two rows of lines for additional charges. You will need to enter a description, an amount, and the general ledger sales account for any additional charges.

    When done with the final entries, click on the Next button to take you to the final screen:

  9. Clicking on the Print Entire Group will print all invoices listed as a group.
  10. Print Invoice: Click on individual Invoice buttons to print invoices.
  11. View Invoice: Click on View Invoice buttons to view the invoice info on screen.