Using NolaPro - Standard Version > Processing
Print Order Processing - Return Proof Play Movie

The Returned Proof process helps you track whether a proof has been approved or rejected and when.
  1. From the Main Menu select Printing then Processing then Returned Proof. Your screen should look similar to this:

  2. Enter the order number and click on the Next button.

  3. Select the proof that was returned, and click on the Next button. This will bring up the details:

  4. Proof Status Level: Select status from the drop-down.
  5. Save: Click on the Save button to complete the proof.
  6. Back: Click on the Back button to abandon any entries made for this proof.

  7. Delete: Click on the Delete button to delete the proof.
    When SAVING, the following screen will appear:

    Click on the Back button to enter a new job number.