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The Out to Proof process lets you create a proof form to send with the actual proof, as well as entering a proof return date and other information. From lists, you can see the status of a proof at a glance, and can track whether the proof was accepted/rejected, etc..
  1. From the Main Menu select Printing then Processing then Out to Proof. Your screen should look similar to this:

  2. Enter the order number and click on the Next button.

  3. Proof Status Level: Select status from the drop-down. If there are no proofs for this job yet, you will only have one choice.
  4. Notes: These are notes for the customer to go onto the proof letter.
  5. Due Date: The date by which you want to have the proof returned.
  6. Days to Complete after Approval: In order to deliver the job on time, how many days to do require after receiving approval for the proof.
  7. Number of Pages: Pages for the proof.
  8. Save: Click on the Save button to complete the proof.
  9. Back: Click on the Back button to abandon any entries made for this proof.

    When SAVING, the following screen will appear:

    Click on the PDF button to see and/or print a copy of the proof letter. Or click on the Back button to enter a new job number.