Using NolaPro - Standard Version > Reports
Performance Statistics Play Movie
This report is to provide several views as to how well you are meeting duedates. It is broken into performances based on number of orders, number of impressions, and total dollars.

From the Main Menu select Printing then Reports then Performance Stats. Your screen will look similar to this:

Starting and Ending Dates: Inclusive dates for report data.

Select Order Status: Closed or Shipped. When applying the dates, should it look at the final ship date or the date on which the order was ok'd for billing.

Click on the Next button to view the report.

The top three pie charts are the visual representation of the data contained in the line just below the pie charts. These show the percentages of ORDERS, IMPRESSIONS, and DOLLARS that were shipped on-time, early, or late.

Following is a list of all jobs included in the above totals with a color dot to indicate whether that particular job was early, on-time or late.

And at the bottom is a percentage of jobs that were Normal Priority compared to total orders, or Rush Priority compared to total orders.